Thursday, October 29, 2009

Marty Qualls Reviews Scraps

10/21 Marty Qualls gave 4 stars to: Scraps: Fictional Fragments by David Luck
bookshelves: fiction
status: Read in October, 2009

I really enjoyed the scenery of the book set in Colorado and Wyoming. It was just like coming home for me! (born and raised in Cheyenne and a regular visitor to Colorado when growing up). Especially enjoyable was any reference to the cold, wind, weather, smells in and views of the mountains. Characters in the stories crossed my mind several days after reading about their life experiences, so my "intrigue factor" was on high alert as I thought about the well drawn out characters and puzzled over how complex they were (but yet in many cases, they were in simple settings, leading simple lives). Reading the stories was very entertaining and emotional. I would like to read more of David Luck's work and will be purchasing his "Men Are" to see what his unique perspective is on us men!

Alanna Loftus Reviews Scaps

10/20 Alanna Loftus gave 3 stars to: Scraps: Fictional Fragments by David Luck
status: Read in October, 2009

Short stories that many can relate to, based on the author's observations through his life experiences or through observing others. Everyone has a "life story" and these are a few interesting collections. Enjoyed the author's writing style and would enjoy a novel by him.