Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ah, A Quick Road Trip to Beggs, Oklahoma

I knew when I started going through boxes stored in the garage that I might be surprised at what I would find. Family treasures, seas shells and rocks collected on trips, boyhood memories in items treasured, and memories. 

When I was a kid in junior high and high school in Wyoming, I worked ranches. Cowboy boots were a necessity and all the old cow pokes I worked with thought Blucher boots were the best.
Sometime in the fifties, I sent away for a catalog, as Blucher was a mail order company.                         You measured your foot, sent in your money, and in a month or two your custom made boots were delivered by mail. Only problem was, I didn’t make enough money to order a pair.
            Finding this old catalogue brought back a lot of memories and got me to wondering if the company was still in business. Thanks to the good old internet, I found that the company was still making boots. They had moved from Kansas to Beggs, Oklahoma, a small town just south of Tulsa.

            I dialed the number and a man answered and assured me that Blucher was still making boots. I said, “Maybe I’ll drive down and check it out,” and he replied, “Come on down. My name is Smitty and I am Blucher Boots.”
            It took me a few weeks to think about it, but when my daughter, Lisa, decided to join me, we took off for the 800 mile trip from Denver. We arrived and checked it out, a wonderful place smelling of leather and feeling of good spirits. Beautiful product, beautiful people. Blucher Boots.