Friday, February 4, 2011

Old Things

Here it is, the first week of February, and I am getting around to fulfill my sort-of resolution for the year: update my blog more often. The title for this is Old Things. Our society is so geared to always replacing, getting new that I think we often miss the warmth and wonder of the old. This applies to friends, family, houses, and books. My second book, Men Are, was published in 2003. My third book, Scraps, was published in 2009 and in the rush of publicity and bloom of sales from the "new", Men Are was left in the dust, or under it.

Well, this morning, I received this email from a reader: "I got my Dad your 'Men Are' book for Christmas. I think he thought I was crazy. He finally started reading it and asked about you. He said it has made him think about things. When he is finished I hope to read it. Maybe it will help our relationship. Thanks for making him think about things." A.N.